Katie Holmes Goes Curly, Wears Horizontal Stripes & Doesn't Look Fat

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes
Where does Katie Holmes get off?

Katie can wear a stick-straight bob or a messy look wrapped in a scarf and look incredible and, based on this photo taken at the premiere of The Extra Man in New York City, she can wear long and curly hair too?

And check it out. She's wearing horizontal stripes, the fashion no-no of all no-nos. Who do you think you are, Katie Holmes?


Let me just say that if I put on horizontal stripes (in a shapeless cotton dress, no less), I would look like the Michelin tire man. It would not be pretty.

However, here comes Katie Holmes with the sleekest, thickest curls I've ever seen on someone who's not naturally curly and wearing bright red stripes across her body. And she looks great. How can this be? Can the woman do no wrong? I'm thinking not.

What do you think of Katie's curls and horizontal stripes dress?


Image via Bryan Bedder/Getty

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