Women Reach Beauty Peak at 31, According to Survey. What Do You Think?

Kate HudsonKate Hudson may never be more beautiful than she is now at 31. That's according to a new study conducted in the UK by television shopping network QVC.

According to the Daily Mail, "The survey noted [31-year-old women] are at a prime age because they have youthful beauty but also more confidence and a better sense of style than fresh-faced teenagers."

While I have to agree that many women seem only to get better with age, for me, feeling beautiful definitely did not peak at 31.

I'm 35 now and each year, I feel better about myself and my appearance. My own mother says she really felt most confident and attractive at 40, so I feel like I have a lot to look forward to.

At what age do you think women are at their most beautiful?


What was also interesting (and disturbing) to me was the response in the comments of the Daily Mail's article from men.

"If I remember my anthropology, girls around the age of sweet 16 are considered the most attractive in all societies," wrote Peter.

"No man fantasizes about being with a woman over 30. If a man over 30 could choose between an equally confident, equally successful 22 or 32 year old, he's going for the 22 year old every time," wrote Daniel.

"At 31 they should be put down so not to scare the public any more! And that goes for the so called celebrities who look more like scarecrows in real life... Also dig up a bit scientific research and try to understand the connection between growth hormone, oestrogen, fertility... The actuall [sic] best looking age is about 17 and has nothing to do with confidence and that other bull****," wrote Acibeb.


Perhaps one reason why I feel better looking now than I did in my 20s is that I don't care so much what men think now as I did back then (besides my husband, anyway). I'm taking care of myself for me now, which feels infinitely better than trying to be attractive for others, particularly when, according to some men, it's been "over" for me since I was 17!

What do you think of the QVC study?

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