40% Off Sale on Spanx Swimwear: Deal of the Day

SpanxI'm a new convert this summer to shapewear swimsuits. I got my first one about a month ago and the difference between it and my non-shapewear swimsuits is amazing.

So when I got an email that Spanx is having a 40 percent off sale on all its swimwear, I had to tell you about it.

Yes, it's still expensive. But $119 sounds a lot better to me than $198, and if you take care of your shapewear swimsuit, it'll last for years!

This Swim Dress (Spanx, $119 on sale), for example, should be right up some of your alleys. I've read your complaints about not wanting to showcase your posteriors ... well, here you go!

Read on to see more of my favorite Spanx swimwear styles.




My personal favorite is this Bandeau One Piece (Spanx, $107 on sale), which eliminates tan lines and has strategically placed ruffles that are both stylish and figure-flattering.


SpanxI also love this pretty One-Shoulder One Piece (Spanx, $107 on sale). So stylish!


SpanxFinally, I'm seeing lots of these looser-fitting One-Piece Tankinis (Spanx, $107 on sale) on the beach this summer and they look fantastic -- AND hide your tummy!

Would you wear Spanx Swimwear? Is it worth the extra cost to you?


Images via Spanx

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