5 Effortlessly Chic Tank Tops That Will Match With Everything

madewell tank top While packing for a move and going through my drawers I realized that I have way too many tank tops. And yet, I always wear the same ones over and over -- and with everything. My favorite? The year-round tank from Madewell ($18) that my sister gave to me as a gift. It's super soft and it stretches well without ever getting stretched out.

Plus, it's long, so forget it if you wanted to show your midriff with this one. (You weren't though, right?) It comes in your standard black, white, and grey, but also red, pink, caramel, and a yellow they are calling buttercup. And, like all tank tops, you can dress it up or down -- wear it to bed or with a fancy skirt and jewelry for a night out (like this model).

Tank tops go with everything and we should never be caught needing one when they are all in the dirty laundry. So besides my Madewell tank, I've rounded up a few more selections of my favorite wardrobe staple.


The Rib Boy Beater Tank ($17) from American Apparel is also long. It's simple and classic, and its edge is that it comes in just about every shade of the colors of the rainbow.

american apparel tank top

When you don't want something so body hugging, the Asymmetrical-hem Burnout Tank ($22.50 on sale) from Victoria's Secret is a great choice. Wear it like the model does or pair it with a belt at your natural waist. Looks great with jeans or a skirt -- both straight and A-line. What's best about it is that it will hide any bloat from last night's ice cream splurge. 

dressy tank top

This Unisex Tri-Blend Tank ($19) from American Apparel surprised me. I bought it because it was really soft and I didn't want something clingy with my post-baby bod, but I thought it would be something I threw on with jeans without having to think. It ended up looking much cuter and isn't shapeless ... it hides what I need it to hide but still looks chic ... effortlessly chic. The best kind.

unisex tank top american apparel

Hit the men's underwear section of the store to buy Hanes' Tagless Comfort Soft Tank ($12 for package of 5), which is quite possibly the best fashion deal you will ever get. A basic white tank with a black skirt and some accessories and heels is a recipe to looking gorgeous. This guy is pretty cute, too.

hanes tank top

Do you have a favorite tank top? Do tell!


Images (top to bottom) Madewell; American Apparel; Victoria's Secret; American Apparel; Hanes

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