'Mad Men' Style: Don Draper Is Hot in a Suit; Jon Hamm Hotter Without One

mad men don draperSwoon. Don Draper. Why do we find this cheating man so sexy? Jon Hamm is just hot. Tall, dark, and handsome hot. And his role in Mad Men makes him hotter.

The passion and sensitivity he gives his mistresses could make his offense almost forgivable -- on the silver screen only. And because of his troubled childhood, we have sympathy for him. It's like we want to nurture him. And I'm just a sucker for a man in a suit -- Don Draper's signature look. But Jon Hamm sure does look dashing out of his suit as well.

Check out some of my favorite looks of Don Draper and Jon Hamm. Then decided which way you think he looks sexier.


As Don Draper ...

Before I delve into the hotness in the photo below, I must note the photo above. Hats + men = sexy. My husband has a similar hat and whenever he wears it, he gets hit on -- innocently -- but it's true. We were in the supermarket once and I was pregnant and standing next to a fan by the entrance waiting for him to pay. I saw it with my own eyes -- a woman saying how great the hat looked on him, checking him out, giggling about how hot he was that day. Made him feel good. Made me want to have sex with him.

And now on to the hotness below. The facial expression -- inquisitive but flirty. The skinny tie and the crisp collar -- makes me look forward to the wedding I'm attending in October since it's the next time I'll see my husband in a suit.

mad men style

As Don Draper ...

Smoking isn't sexy. I believe this. But I'm going to make an exception here because it's retro. And it's Don Draper. Doesn't it seem like he is looking through you here? It's like he has x-ray eyes that can penetrate your soul. And the gold tie with a grey suit and white shirt look needs to make a comeback. Hello pocket square.

don draper

As Jon Hamm ...

Just as much as I love a man in a suit, I love a man out of one. Check out Hamm out of character, his hair combed flatter, no tie, and with that modern casual suit appeal. I'm normally not a fan of a blue shirt (too common) but Jon makes it work with a grey on grey striped jacket.

jon hamm

As Jon Hamm ...

The outfit is Don Draper, but it's Jon Hamm while on break from filming wearing just an undershirt and showing off those strong arms. A simple white t-shirt looks amazing on a man with a body like Jon's.

jon hamm on set

Are you a fan of Don Draper's/Jon Hamm's style? Which look do you like best?


Top three images via AMC; bottom two via Splash News

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