How to Minimize Tan Lines

FlickrLast year at the beach, I got horrible tan lines from my fairly modest bathing suit tops -- much like the ones at the left.

I came up with a few tricks to minimize them and this year, I've taken it one step further.

Read on to learn my secrets. I'm at the beach now and I have to say they're working beautifully!




BronzerI've learned from experience that an instant fix to horrible tan lines after a day in the sun can be found in your makeup drawer. Dusting bronzer over your tan lines can work wonders. You can also rub some foundation into your skin over your tan lines to even out that zone.


TanneeI haven't personally tried it, but I read in a magazine recently about Tanee Tan Line Corrector (, $5.99) and I'm intrigued. It's a self-tanner that you apply directly onto your tan lines for supposedly "instant" results.


DuWop Clear RevolutionI'm understandably leery of self-tanners and lately have been sticking with gradual tanning moisturizers like Jergens, but when (DISCLOSURE! DISCLOSURE!) DuWop sent me its Clear Revolution Shimmering Self-Tanner (DuWop, $30) to check out, I decided to take it with me to the beach, in order to enhance my natural tan.


I've been using it each day after coming in from the beach, focusing especially on my tan lines, and I have to say that MY TAN LINES ARE PRETTY MUCH NON-EXISTANT. That's huge.

As for DuWop's self-tanner? Love. It smells great, has an almost liquid-like consistency, which goes on very easily, and I haven't had any problems with streaking. As a closet expert of cheap supermarket self-tanners, I now understand why the non-supermarket versions cost more. It's because they're better.

Got any tricks of your own for minimizing tan lines? Dish in the comments!

Images (top to bottom): EvilErin/Flickr;;; DuWop

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