Meltproof Makeup Tips, Other Uses for Lip Gloss & More News

eyeshadow paletteI feel we can't ever get too many tips when it comes to our makeup routine. Here are a few tips and tricks that I've found in web land that I'm eager to put to the test myself.

  • When my makeup is running low, I really scrape the edges for every last bit that I can get. Here are 14 fabulous tips on making those beauty products last. -- Glamour
  • Got a pimple? I know, thanks to sweating like a pig in this hot weather, I've had my fair share this summer. Here's a great way to disguise blemishes. -- Betty Confidential
  • Speaking of hot weather, I've had to cut back on the amount of makeup that I wear because of its tendency to practically melt off of my face. I can't wait to try out these 11 meltproof makeup ideas. -- Allure
  • Whoever said lip gloss and lipstick were for lips only? Learn another way that you can use these beauty products and get more bang for your buck. -- Bella Sugar

Have any makeup tips you'd like to share?


Image via Harmening Pics/Flickr

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