18-Year-Old 'Glee' Star Gets Botox

Charice PempengcoIn a recent interview, the adorable Filipino teen pop star, Charice Pempengco, admitted to undergoing Botox and an anti-aging procedure "to look fresh on camera," while prepping for her upcoming role on Glee.

The girl is 18 years old!

How much anti-aging could she possibly need?


Her rep says that she had the procedure to relieve a TMJ-like jaw problem, but I'm calling B.S. since Charice has already admitted her concern of being compared to Glee star Lea Michele. It's one of those classic cases of teen stars being under so much dang pressure to look cookie-cutter "perfect," when they should be embracing their individual beauty. 

Charice will be playing a foreign exchange student in season 2 who comes in and gives Rachel Berry a serious run for the lead role. Her insanely good voice was first noticed when she performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at the age of 15, and then later on the Oprah Winfrey Show in which she was dubbed "the most talented girl in the world." That's quite a title, and I really look forward to seeing her on Glee. But please, Charice, no more procedures! You're beautiful as is!

What do you think of an 18-year-old getting Botox?


Image via Gary Gershoff/Getty


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