The Most Outrageous Celebrity Fashion Statements

lady gagaWe can say that celebrities are just like us common folk -- we breathe, eat, sleep (sometimes) -- but in reality we are different. Celebrities can wear whatever the heck they want whenever they want, whether it's a costume party or a walk to get some coffee.

Would I wear this antler hat that Lady Gaga is sporting? Yes. Yes, I would. Or maybe I would mount it to my wall. But if I showed up to check into a hotel wearing this with that see-through dress (like Gaga did), I probably wouldn't make it past the concierge.

Let's take a look at some more of the most outrageous celebrity fashion statements.



Kesha (or Ke$ha if you're fancy) is mixing a boho meets the '80s neon look with her ripped up shirt and highlighter-colored fringe necklace for her arrival at MTV. Not sure if that's human hair around her wrist. But it's the patchwork explosion on her leggings that makes me question why any woman would want to accentuate their thighs like that -- even a thin woman like Kesha. Her tiny little ankles look like they might break with one slip on those 5-inch heels.


It's Miley -- 17-year-old Miley Cyrus in a hooker outfit. I've seen women at Hunts Point wearing more. Sure it's for a live show, but after she kissed a female dancer, then ripped off a Union Jack flag to reveal this black cut-out number that was so short she flashed the crowd, she may have gone too far. Thankfully the show wasn't for her tween fans -- it was at London's legendary G-A-Y club. 

miley cyrus

Lindsay Lohan's "FU" nails got as much press as ... well anything Lindsay does wrong. I thought the manicure was just chipped off colors from former nail polishes that have brushed her fingertips, but instead it was a dizzying kaleidoscope with a possible message for the judge.

lindsay lohan nails

Adam Lambert performed at this year's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras in Sydney wearing his signature Elvis meets Freddie Mercury with a dash of Gene Simmons look. He makes us forget who really won American Idol two seasons ago. Anyone who can rock a man corset and studded cup with a pompadour and "don't eff with me" boots is my idol. And hello thighs!

adam lambert
I don't leave the house without giving myself a once over (most times). If I was Britney Spears, I would really think about what I was wearing to get my Starbucks on. Pajamas was Brit's look for the day -- paired with knee-high tube socks and hot pink sneakers. Those shorts are so short that her undies are peeking out from the back. No wonder she freaked out when the paparazzi swarmed her to take her picture.

britney spears

Smiling for the cameras after leaving a MAC Cosmetics store in LA is Paris Hilton in technicolor. I love everything about her outfit -- the colorful stripes, the bold neck applique, the gilded headband, the gold shoes -- but I'm not sure I could pull it off all together. This was taken just a couple of weeks ago and there are rumors that she's smoking pot, so maybe that played into her outfit choice. (Note the lone flip-flop in the background. I bet it belongs to someone who was hypnotized by this dress.)

paris hilton

Which celebrity do you think is the most outrageously dressed?


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