'True Beauty' Recap -- Finale Results! Who Is the Face of Vegas?

Ten contestants thought they were competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas" on True Beauty, but they were secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

And last night was the finale!

Last week, the beauties became blackjack dealers and were tested on two challenges: Would they stop a pregnant woman from drinking and smoking and would they come to someone's defense when they were being unfairly yelled at?

Despite Amy's sweet demeanor, she got sent home. Honestly, I don't think Amy is "ugly" on the inside but rather lacks the self-esteem to put her out there and speak up.

Then it was down to the final three ... Craig, Erika, and Taylor.

Who became the Face of Vegas?

*Spoiler Alert*


This week, they got to party with Jackass' Steve-O. Then they were judged on how they handle pressure when they had to shoot a surprise commercial without any sleep.

Personally, I'd be stressed to the max ... especially with a hangover.

Erika was the only one to break down and even said she ... gasp ... didn't want to be the Face of Vegas anymore. She quickly got over it and went on to shooting. Taylor and Erika rocked it and Craig bombed.

Carson announced that they all were moving on (surprise) and gave them a key to a room where the real inner beauty challenge of the Face of Vegas was revealed to them via video.

And the winner is ... Taylor! Yah! I liked him.

So on a scale from 1 to 10 (the highest), how would you rate your true beauty level?

Images (top to bottom): ABC.com; ABC.com

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