The Biniki ButtBra: Would You Wear This?

BinikiYou've heard of the Booty Pop, but what about the Biniki? The Stir reader Christy, a veritable font of weird style information, sent me a link to this product, which promises to "beautify and preserve the buttocks."

Um. Okay.

Even better than the Biniki, though, is the MANIKI, a butt bra for men!

You've got to see the picture and it is NOT safe for work!

Check this out, ladies!




Oh my.
You know your man wants one of these!  Can you even think of a more romantic present for your DH or SO than a Maniki?

And at the low, low price of $39.95, it's hard to think of something else that could do so much for so little.

ThrongOf course, I'd be remiss if I left out the Throng for the ladies who like to go bare back there.

So, ladies (and men), as of today, you have no excuses left to have a flat butt.

You're welcome.


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