The Wine Rack: Possibly the Worst Undergarment Idea of All Time

The Wine Rack braThe Stir reader Christy sent me a link to The Wine Rack bra.

According to the website that sells this thing, you can "take a bottle of wine, a mixed drink, or even a fifth of your favorite hard stuff to the movies, concerts, ball games, even PTA meetings."

A tube lets you take sips of your own or pour for others, and lest you worry about your c-cup slipping down to a b, don't worry! You can blow your boobs back up by blowing into your pour tube!

Just avoid sharp corners.

Want to know where to get a Wine Rack for yourself or your friends?

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The Wine Rack bra
The Wine Rack is sold at online gag gift store, but owner Paul Krasulja tells the New York Daily News that his girlfriend tried one on and looked great. He also assures customers that the beverage comes out evenly and won't leave you with lopsided boobs.

I would say this has no chance in hell of catching on, but it brings back uncomfortable memories of college game day dates trying to pressure me into carrying flasks into UGA football games, since girls were less likely to be frisked than boys. (I always refused and you can imagine how the dates went after that.) I can see The Wine Rack taking that pressure to a whole new level! Frat houses will probably buy Wine Racks wholesale now and stockpile them for stadium events.

Dare I even ask the question? WOULD YOU WEAR A WINE RACK?


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