Shoe Porn: Heels Inspired By the Shag of a Dog?

camilla skovgaardpuli breed shaggy dog










Could a dog inspire a shoe? I think so. This pair of Camilla Skovgaard shoes could be trotting next to the Puli breed at the Westminster dog shows. I'd bet that the shaggy Hungarian herding dog would love these fancy puppies. I wonder what would happen should the two ever meet on the street? A mating dance? Hopefully not a leg up.

The suede version of the Skovgaard bootie is a perfect match to the pup, but the leather heel is a bit more biker or maybe the dog after a blowout and a whole lot of de-frizz serum. 


camilla skovgaard heelsI prefer the suede pair -- they feel more bohemian ... I'd wear with straight leg jeans and a cream flowing top, maybe even a feather headband in my hair so you can roll around in the grass like, well, a dog would do.

Chic shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard hasn't said that pups inspired her shoes. Her high-end line of footwear has been worn by Halle Berry and Rihanna ... who are far from being dogs of any kind.

What do you think of these Skovgaard booties?



Images (top to bottom) Camilla Skovgaard; Dog Guide; Camilla Skovgaard

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