Don't Fight the Frizz: 5 Ways to Embrace Your Crazy Hair

Humidity ... ARGH! Frizz ... double argh! I've learned over the years that you can't and shouldn't fight frizz because it will always be the victor and you'll have just wasted time, money, and energy. 

If you want to decrease your frizz a tad, you can try ion technology blow-dryers and straighteners, which reduce fuzz, and then add a leave-in conditioner to weigh your locks down.

But if you're sick of spending a ton on product, then try these 5 dos to embrace your flirty frizz. Because yes, it can be flirty -- get the bed head of summer. It will look like you just worked up a sweat and yet it is still so sexy.

  1. Sport an over-sized ponytail like Lauren Conrad at The Hills finale.
  2. Wear a headband so it's slick in the front and unruly in the back.
  3. Go all Carrie Bradshaw and let it be free -- you sassy girl, you.
  4. Half-up and half-down will keep the frizz away from your face.
  5. Use it to your advantage for a messy side braid like Nicole Richie.

How do you embrace the frizz?

Images (top to bottom); Evil Erin/Flickr; Kwintin/Flickr


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