Like OMG Yallz! Lola is Blogging Again!

LourdesI wrote quite a few embarrassing things in my diary when I was thirteen.

It was an awkward time, and I was trying to figure out how to transition from girl to woman. Also? I was TOTALLY BOY KRAZY.

Madonna's daughter, Lola, has started a fashion blog to support her new clothing line for Macy's, and, like my own diary at that age, it is endearingly awkward. The big difference?

Millions of people get to read it -- and I'm not sure how I feel about that as a mom.


A typical sentence from little Lola:

I recently got really interested in the group Muse, which are like reee-heeaally good. They are BLINGING INNIT MATE (British ghetto talk, its air air LOL)."

And another:

OKEE, so I read a lot of your comments and I’m like uber happy you guys like my blog. A lot of you asked me what color I was dying my hair and it’s actually going to be like a kind of cherry blackish thingy bobbie. OH MY DAIZ.

The content of her posts is completely tame -- but this is the kind of thing that I suspect will come back to haunt Lola in later years, whether she plays the fame game and her blog is read aloud when she makes a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel -- or she leads a private life and her college friends one day post it on Facebook to embarrass her.  

Of course, Lola can't know about the possible repercussions now -- but her mother knows.

Would you allow your 13-year-old daughter to write a very public, widely read blog? I have mixed feelings about it. I think I'd let my daughter blog if she wanted, but I would insist that she use a pseudonym, so that only her friends and family would know conclusively that it was her.

What do you think?

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