What To Wear While Playing Tourist

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Last week, my little sister came up from Tennessee to visit me, which means, I got to play tourist in my own city (have you ever done that? It's kinda fun!).

Though because I wasn't in the "tourist" mindset, I dressed as I normally would leaving my apartment to head out for the day. Big mistake.


Now, I'm not saying that you should bust out the fanny packs that you have had tucked in the back of your closet since 1987, but there are some things that you should keep in mind if you're out and about, all day long, in an unknown location.

The biggest mistake that I made: shoes. Though I'm used to walking a lot, my thin flip flops were useless after several hours of hitting the pavement. Make sure you get are wearing comfortable flats, with plenty of support, so that you're not sitting on the bench rubbing your sore feet while everyone else is checking out the museum exhibits.

It's also good to wear layers, which is where I screwed up the second time (aren't you glad you guys can learn from my mistakes?). Last week, it was brutally hot here in New York, so, obviously, I wore a tank top and shorts. Have you ever realized that museums are kept very very cold? I was more worried about the frigid temperature than the Monets that I was passing. A couple of layered shirts and a cardigan should keep you comfy in all temps.

If you're visiting a new place, you're no doubtedly taking lots of photos, going through crowds, handling multiple bags filled with souvenirs. Regular purses can make this a challenge, so get a cross-body bag instead (please, ladies, no fanny packs) to store all those brochures. You can keep it close for security, and it frees up you arms.

From top left, clockwise:

What do you tend to wear while you're playing tourist?


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