Bald Models in Beards: Fashion Week Just Got a Whole Lot Weirder

Patrick MohrOver the years, the world's designers have come up with so many unusual concepts for their fashion shows that I've often wondered if one day, they'll run out of ideas altogether.

This season, I think it's safe to say that they're now scraping the bottom of the barrel.

That's the impression I get, anyway, from seeing photos of designer Patrick Mohr's show at Berlin Fashion Week last Friday. 

His models, male and female, all wore bald caps, yellow facial makeup, and patchy beards that would have looked more appropriate on a 93-year-old hermit.

As for his fall clothing line ...

What clothing line?

Did anyone at the show even notice the clothes?

Read on to see more photos from the show as well as other interesting looks from the most recent Fashion Week events.


The editors at New York Magazine were so amused by the show that they devoted an entire gallery of photos to it (Warning: Some of them aren't safe for work).

And Too Fab put together a gallery of French Fashion Week's Funnest Photos.

I can't help but wonder how these wacky fashion shows persist in today's world. They're interesting as a curiosity, but with millions of dollars poured into runway shows featuring clothing that almost no woman would realistically wear, you have to question whether the money could be better spent elsewhere.

You also have to wonder if designers like Patrick Mohr are smoking the crack rock when they come up with these concepts.

What do you think of the bald headed, barely bearded look for women? WOULD YOU WEAR IT?


Image via Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

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