Women Wearing Neckties -- They're Not Just for Men!

woman wearing necktieI've been known to scavenge my man's closet for fashion inspiration (isn't it ironic that they're so clueless about fashion, yet the boyfriend look is so trendy right now?) and one of the things that I've started sneaking is his neckties.


Alas, I haven't really delved deep into the necktie world -- I'm still just beginning my experimentation -- but so far, I've worn one of his skinny ties with a tank (think Avril Lavigne-esque), as well as with this Bebe vest, tank, and skinny jeans.

I've also seen lots of girls look great wearing it with a white button-down and blazer, like in the photo, but it's been way too hot to attempt that look.

It can be a bit of a challenge to find the right outfit that works without looking like a dude or a Catholic schoolgirl (though your hubs may not mind you borrowing his ties for the latter), but one of my favorite things about this accessory is that it can create so many different looks -- rocker, hipster, professional, equestrian -- that's quite a range.

Do you ever wear neckties as an accessory? If so, what types of outfits do you wear it with?


Image via gcoldironjr2003/Flickr

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