Double Braids: How Old is Too Old?

Double BraidsWhile out and about the other day, I spotted a super cute mom who looked to be around my age.

She was wearing a t-shirt, trendy cropped jeans, and ... *GASP* double braids.

And she looked great!

But it made me think about the double braid question.

When it comes to wearing two braids, how old is too old? Because we've all seen it -- Some women wearing double braids should probably leave the look to Laura Ingalls, right? On the other hand, celebrity moms have been sporting the style lately, too. Read on to see them ...


Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling wore double braids on a recent trip to the beach. Nicole Richie was recently seen in two braids as well.

I wore double braids a few times right after my daughter was born, but once I turned thirty, double braids just felt sort of inappropriate to me.

I didn't think about it much, but I guess I think of double braids on most women as, "artsy!" Or "boho!" Or "quirky!" Or "offbeat!"

Unsure of whether I could successfully pull off any of those looks, I've just avoided double braids altogether.

But I want to know what you have to say on the matter.

How old is too old for double braids? Would you wear them?


Images (top to bottom): Lindsay Ferrier; Splash News

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