Is Plus-Size Model Crystal Renn Losing Weight? And Do We Care?

Crystal RennThe fall 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier ad campaign was leaked yesterday, and already, everyone's buzzing about whether supposedly size-10 model Crystal Renn has lost weight.

(NOTE: The term "plus-size model" refers to any model who is "plus" the size commonly worn by industry models.)

Some seem to believe that weight loss on Crystal's part equals admitting defeat in an industry that's disturbingly obsessed with stick-like women.

Others retort that the more weight she loses, the better she looks. Period.

Personally, I think she looks fantastic in this ad. She's beautiful in her earlier photos too, but here, she looks curvaceous and healthy and absolutely fine. If she wants to lose weight, great, so long as she doesn't overdo it. If she doesn't want to lose weight, that's fine too.

But what do you think? Do you need to see an earlier photo of Crystal to decide for yourself? No problem! Take a look ...




Crystal RennHere's the cover of her book, published in 2009. Va va voom!

In answer to the recent weight loss speculation, Crystal's agent says she fluctuates between size 10 and size 14, and right now she's "a solid 10."

I would like to see a day when women like Crystal can be accepted as models -- plain and simple -- regardless of their dress size. Sure, some women's magazines are beginning to feature larger models alongside the traditional size-zero crowd, but the editors are always so self-congratulatory about it. Successful plus-size models are still seen as curiosities. I'm ready for them to become the norm.

What about you?

Image via The Fashion Spot forum; Cyberpresse

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