I Love: Amrita Singh

Amarita SinghI've had a thing for Indian designer Amrita Singh's jewelry ever since I began running across it online several months ago.

While many of her pieces clearly are influenced by styles in her native land, they're also both on trend and totally classic.

This Maylen Necklace (Amrita Singh, $150), for example, looks exotic and comes in the hot colors of the season, coral and turquoise, but it will also endure as a statement piece for years to come.

Singh's jewelry isn't cheap, but it does fall well within special occasion range for many of us. Also? If you do some hunting, you can find it on sale. That's how I found some Singh to call my own. Read on to see it for yourself ....


A few weeks ago, the invitation-only discount shopping site Gilt Groupe (need an invitation? I've got you covered) featured Amrita Singh jewelry in one of its sales. I mulled over dozens of beautiful pieces and finally decided on these ...

Amrita Singh

Bangles. Totally trendy now, yes, but these bangles looked beautiful enough to wear down the road, too, two or three or five at a time. You can still get these India Bangles (Amrita Singh, $70) on sale on Singh's own site, but I was able to score them for $49.95 -- a LOT for me to spend on costume jewelry, to be honest.

However, when they arrived, I decided they were worth the cost.

Lindsay FerrierI really, really love them. They're very versatile and just gorgeous in person. They're not perfect -- the "diamonds" were haphazardly glued on on several of the bracelets -- but the effect altogether is really stunning.

Suffice it to say that the next time there's an Amrita Singh sale at Gilt Groupe? I'M IN.

In the meantime, there are plenty of deals to be had on Amrita's own website. Here are a few of my favorites:

Amrita SinghThese Dune Earrings (Couture Candy, $40) are sooo pretty, aren't they?


Amrita SinghThis Daisy Pendant (Amrita Singh, $16) retailed for $80 and comes in several different colors. I REALLY want this one.


Amrita SinghI also love this Tina Enamel Cuff (Amrita Singh, $20). It's so lovely and looks like a vintage find.


Amrita SinghThis Greenport Necklace (Amrita Singh, $100) is probably my favorite piece from her collection. It's down from $250, so it's a great price, but alas! Still too high for me!

Amrita Singh's website has lots of items under $24 -- just do a price search on the sale page and you'll find all that's available.

What do you think of Amrita Singh's jewelry?


Images via AmritaSingh.com

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