How to Get a Haircut You'll Love

Lindsay FerrierSo, after endless amounts of procrastination, I got myself a haircut.

Last year, I went to the hottest salon in town for a beauty column on whether a hundred-dollar haircut was really worth more than the cheaper cuts I was used to getting.

For me, it actually was!

With long hair, I only find the time to go about once every six months, so spending $200 per year on hair appointments doesn't seem like a horrible amount to me. Also, it's a hundred-dollar experience. My stylist and I spend a good 10 to 15 minutes talking about what kind of cut I want, he takes his time cutting, the blowout at the end is done by someone else and is a true "styling," and then my guy comes back and trims it up a little more if need be, until it's absolutely perfect.

What do you think? I love this cut. It was exactly what I wanted.

I've learned a lot about how to get the perfect cut over the years, no matter your budget. Want to know my secrets? Read on!


My mom gave me the best advice of all when it comes to finding a great hairdresser --

Always keep a lookout for women with fantastic hair. When you see a cut you love on someone with hair similar to yours, ask the woman who her stylist is.

This is how I found my hairstylist in Columbia, South Carolina, back when I was anchoring the morning news. I worked with a girl who had the cutest, fullest bob I had ever seen. I went to her hairdresser and he worked the exact same magic on me. I absolutely loved hair appointments with this guy -- I remember leaving and staring at myself in windows and mirrors for the rest of the day! And um, that's not something I ordinarily do. That, my friends, is the sign of a great cut!

Another surefire way to communicate what you want is to bring pictures. Many of my friends are afraid to do this, although I can't imagine why. When it comes to describing to your hairdresser what you want, a picture is worth a thousand words. It also ensures that there's no miscommunication between you and your stylist.

I've found it helpful when discussing a new style with your hairdresser to ask how much time and effort it's going to realistically take you each day to achieve that style. I briefly discussed sideswept bangs with my stylist before I got this cut, but admitted to him that as a mom, I needed to be able to just wash my hair and go without having to worry about styling it. He understood, and gave me a cut that looks great whether I've taken the time to style it or not. Sideswept bangs just weren't going to work with my lifestyle.

That's my hair advice. What's yours?

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