Katy Perry Has a Polka Dot Manicure -- Get the Look

katy perry nailsCheck out Katy Perry's nails -- I wonder if they are press-on or real? They look too perfect to be real, don't they?

Doesn't matter ... her manicure is adorable. Hot pink is a great color for the summer and the black polka dots tone down the brightness of it yet add a touch of whimsy.

I've got the secret on how you can get this look without shelling out a ton of cash. And it's easy!


Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen ($7.49) from Ulta comes in a bunch of colors (black, white, blue, red, grey, gold, silver, light pink, and hot pink) and it allows you to draw on your nails just like a marker. I know what you are thinking ... what do you do when it's time to use your non-writing hand? Well, you can do small dots without making it too complicated, so I think it can work for everyone -- even the least ambidextrous of us. And for those who are good with both hands, you can do more than just dots.

sally hansen nail pennail art

heart manicure





And in case you were worried, Sally Hansen's polishes are formaldehyde-, toulene-, and DBP-free. I wish I could master the gold tiger nail look, but I think I'll have to keep it simple. Maybe I'll try a black polish with silver polka dots.

Would you try one of these manicures?


Images (top to bottom) Katy Perry/Twitter; Sally Hansen

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