Brad Pitt Finally Shaves Beard -- He's Hot Once Again

brad pittYou can just hear the sigh of relief from women around the world. Brad Pitt finally finally shaved that growth that he called a beard (and I called it a dead animal hanging from his chin).


He was spotted showing off that beautiful, clean jawline of his on the set of Moneyball in LA, in which he plays Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane.

Angelina Jolie may not mind the scruff, having told Vanity Fair that she "loved Brad in every state" (pffft), but I much prefer him in the state that he was in while he was filming the Oceans movies. Yum.

I am really hoping that he didn't just shave it for the movie role and go back to looking like a member from ZZ Top after he's done filming. Please god, no.

Which look do you like better on him? Beard or no beard?


Image via Splash News

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