theory Shows Us How to Transition Our Summer Clothes Into Fall

TheoryIt's going to be the time of year soon when summer clothes just don't cut it.

School will start up, fall will be right around the corner, and suddenly those floral strappy sundresses don't seem so appropriate in the car rider pick-up line.

Yet it'll still be too hot outside to wear your official fall purchases.

What's a girl to do?

Luckily, theory totally has come to our rescue (unintentionally, but whatever).

The line is a little high for many of us, but the theory look is so classic that you're likely to already have versions of many of these looks in your closet -- or you can find cheaper incarnations at the mall.

Ready for some great ideas?

Here goes ...

If you've got a few lightweight blazers in your closet, the end of summer is the time to get them out. Don't be afraid to pair them with shorts and a tank or t-shirt -- as theory shows us, the result is quite hip.


Read on for lots more fabulous transitional looks as you get ready to head into fall ...







One of the first things I'm going to do when fall approaches is start wearing my motorcycle-style boots (I have these in black) with simple skirts and dresses.

If this model were wearing skimpy flat sandals, her look would have summer written over it. The boots give it a cooler-weather edge, but she can still wear this look when it's relatively warm outside.








Here's another example of the blazer and shorts look. This looks almost like a man's blazer, which would be pretty darn cute with shorts, provided you can lift one off a relatively small man.

theory is partial to lace-up shoes (hmm. So is J.Crew), which are a great transition shoe if you're into them. Otherwise, I'd suggest the Keds for Gap line (love the metallic ones), sans socks.

It's a nice alternative to sandals and an open toe, but still appropriate for warm-ish weather.








This photo piqued my interest because it shows you how to make a little black dress (or something similar) casual enough to wear pretty much anywhere, particularly with different shoes.

I don't have a khaki crop trench, but I do have a super-cute khaki-colored knit cargo jacket from Gap that I barely got a chance to wear before it got too hot.

Suddenly, it's turned into a perfect transition piece as we head back into fall.











If you live in a climate anything like mine, you've all but abandoned your long-sleeved, button-down shirts right now.

The end of summer is the perfect time to get them back out.

Worn with shorts and the sleeves rolled up, they give you a fall look without leaving you all sweaty.

This transitional time is a great chance for those of us who feel a bit naked in shorts to actually wear them while covering up a little more skin with a long-sleeved shirt or blazer.

I love this idea!











See what I'm talking about? Jacket + shorts = instant style.

Brown leather shoes and accessories also give a nod to cooler weather to come.














Here's more evidence that a white jacket makes a magnificent investment.

I've been looking for one for ages, but it has to fit just right and be a nice price.

Fingers crossed I can find one soon, because I'm really loving this look ...






What do you think of these transitional looks? Would you wear them?


Images via theory

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