Extra 20% Off J.Crew Clearance: Deal of the Day

Lindsay FerrierYou have no idea how much it hurts me to admit that this dress, my big J.Crew splurge of the season, is now on sale.

Adding insult to injury, now through Thursday, J.Crew is offering an additional 20 percent off all its sale items if you use the code EXTRA20 at checkout.

That makes this absolutely gorgeous Swann Ruffled Shirtdress (J.Crew, $47.99 with discount) a very, very good deal.

It also means I spent about $40 more than I should have.


What I could have DONE with that $40!

Um. Anyway. I really, really love J.Crew's end-of-season sales because the J.Crew look is so incredibly classic that often you'll find the exact same item offered again the next year at regular price.

And then you feel like a winner again!

Okay, so!

Allow me to show you a few of my favorite sale items from J.Crew's clearance racks. I think you'll love them as much as I do.






J Crew

One of those always-classic (and very flattering) looks is this solid embossed beach dress (J.Crew, $47.99 with discount). I absolutely love this dress and I bet you'd look lovely in it.


Lindsay FerrierAnd as long as we're on the subject, this silk chiffon twist-tank dress (J.Crew, $47.99 with discount), which I bought last year, is also back on sale. I love this dress -- as I've said before, it's very Mad Men.


J. Crew

This studded bar-car belt (J.Crew, $15.99 with discount) will come in handy in your belt drawer for the rest of your life. 

 J. Crew

This hand-cut flower art tee (J.Crew, $15.99 with discount) was one of my favorite looks in J.Crew's spring catalog. It has a very expensive, fashion-forward look that I love.


J. CrewOh, this golden knots necklace (J.Crew, $23.99 with discount) is really tempting me! It would go with pretty much everything, and Reese Witherspoon has a very similar necklace ...

Those are a few of my picks ... did you see anything you liked?


Images via J.Crew

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