'True Beauty' Recap -- Would You Stop a Pregnant Woman From Smoking?

Every Tuesday I'll blog about last night's True Beauty episode. Ten contestants think they are competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas," but they're secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

Last week, the beauties were tested on their ability to comfort a sad person. While trying on dresses and tuxedos for their challenge, the beauties heard a momzilla berating her overweight daughter. Some helped, some didn't, but it came down to Michelle and Amy. Michelle got sent packing ... now we have to get rid of Craig.

This week, the beauties are becoming blackjack dealers and are being tested on two challenges: Would you stop a pregnant woman from drinking and smoking and will the beauties come to someone's defense when they are being unfairly yelled at?

*Spoiler Alert*


Test one: Stop a pregnant woman from drinking and smoking ... Taylor and Erika passed and Craig and Amy failed.

BTW, I'd totally say something. I know that some women think it's okay to have the occasional drink during their pregnancy, but personally, I'd be too scared something would go wrong. If I saw a pregnant woman doing shots or ordering two drinks, I'd definitely say something. A glass of wine ... maybe not. But smoking ... 100 percent would open my mouth. Yuck!

I was in Italy a few years ago and saw a preggo woman at a close table drinking glass after glass of wine. I commented to my boyfriend and I think she heard me. She didn't drink much after that. So maybe it made her think twice.

I also had a pregnant boss drink champagne at company parties on more than one occasion and I didn't say anything. It wasn't a lot. And it was my boss. Maybe it's easier to speak up when it's a total stranger. What would you do?

Test two: Come to someone's defense ... Amy, Erika, and Taylor passed and Craig failed. Surprise, surprise.

I would come to someone's defense, especially if I was involved in the task and I can blame myself to take the heat off of the other person.

Erika and Taylor made it to the finale and Craig and Amy were in the bottom two. I've grown to like Amy despite her low self-esteem but really want Craig to go home.

The result ... oh boo! Amy got sent home. :(

So I leave you with this question ... what is your stance on alcohol while pregnant? Okay to have a drink here or there or no way jose?!


Images (top to bottom): ABC.com; ABC.com

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