Horrors! Claire Danes' Arm Replaced by Pink Sea Creature Fin!

Claire DanesI've loved me some Claire Danes ever since her breakout role as Angela in My So-Called Life (I have the DVD box set and everything).

That's why I was so saddened to see from this photo taken at the Roma Fiction Fest in Italy that her arm appears to have mutated into some sort of fin that clearly came straight from the archives of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters.

Poor, poor Claire!

Her arm fin is so tragic all on its own that I won't even mention all of the other things that are wrong with her dress.

Oh who am I kidding?

You know I will!


Two words. Boob sling. I mean, seriously.

Are my eyes deceiving me or did Claire sprain her breast?

Is that even possible?

And what's that green streamer about, anyway? It's like the designer said, "Eet ees not enough to have a fin for an arm and a boob in a sleeng. Zees dress must also have a green plastic streamer in it! Festeev, no?"

Clearly, Claire is still not over losing Jordan Catalano.

My So Called Life

None of us are, Claire. None of us are.


Images (top to bottom): Splash News; richkidsunite/Flickr

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