Style Dare: Booty Pop (and Other Butt Growing Secrets)

Kim KardashianWhat is it about butts?

We spend our lives trying to minimize and tone our own beedonkadonks, only to have someone like Kim Kardashian appear on the scene with an extra-large version and become famous for it!

I've recently discovered, ladies, that you can stop obsessing about whether those pants make your butt look big, because if they do, you'll be the envy of millions. Big butts are in, in, in!

Take a look online and you'll find butt-growing secrets, butt-growing exercise videos, even a butt-growing cream.

And there's another instant booty enhancer, one that I tried out on my latest Style Dare.

Read on to find out all about it!






Yes, ladies. I tried out the Booty Pop!

Want to know how it went? Check out this week's Style Dare column over at Her Nashville Magazine for the details. And yes. Photos are included!

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