Boden in Real Life

Boden DressAs many of you know, I'm totally in love with Boden's catalog. I could wear nothing but Boden all summer long, judging from the photos, and be perfectly happy. I had no idea, though, whether Boden's clothes would look half as good on me as they did on the models. Boden clothes were just a little too expensive for me to ever think of actually buying them.

That all changed when a reader alerted to me to Boden's absolutely fantastic end-of-season sale!

Suddenly, all of Boden's pretty summer dresses and tunics (all that were left, anyway) were right around $50. The sale was so spectacular that I caved and bought two dresses, including the one pictured at the left, even though I had sworn that I was done with summer shopping.

Want to know how they worked out? Read on and I'll show you pictures of Boden in real life!





Lindsay Ferrier

Basically, I love Boden more than ever, if that's even possible. Both dresses fit like a glove, without being too tight. I feel like they were made for me. Here's the Pebble Spot Sundress (Boden, $49) ...

Lindsay Ferrier

And here's the Glam Tunic (Boden, $59), which I think is prettier in real life than it is in the magazine photo, and oh so comfortable!

Size wise, I wear an eight, but can sometimes wear a six. If I gained five pounds, these dresses would probably feel a bit snug -- so if you're in between sizes, order up.

I now have visions of ordering a bunch of Boden dresses for the next summer at the end of the summer before it -- the look is pretty classic and beachy, and I can't imagine these dresses will look dated any time soon.

The sale is still going on, but everything's selling out fast, so if you're thinking of ordering something, you'd better hurry up, girls!


Images (top to bottom): Boden; Lindsay Ferrier; Lindsay Ferrier

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