Shoe Porn: Would You Wear Heels Shaped Like a Gun?


gun shoePerhaps this is the official shoe for the NRA. The "Gun" sandal designed by Chau Cheung is all wrong and all right. Depending on your stance on gun control. Or obscene heels.

I see a shoe like this and think ... what would I wear it with? Would a bulletproof vest be overkill?

There's a lot about this shoe that I like -- the weaved leather in gunmetal grey, the ankle straps and peep-toe. And then you get to the heel, a heel that can only be loved by Bo Derek and Sarah Palin ... and was maybe once the fantasy of Charlton Heston ... when he was alive.

Can it be loved by peace-loving hippies, too? I think so. It's an inactive gun. Maybe shoe designers could disassemble the guns confiscated by the police and turn them into heels we stomp around in.

These were designed by Cheung for last year's footwear design competition that took place in Hong Kong. And we can't fault the designer for pushing the limits (or should I say pulling the trigger) on a killer shoe concept.

What do you think of the Gun sandal? Are they sharp shoe-ters?


Image via Trend de la Creme

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APeve... APeveteaux

Ummmm, not for me. But I do like the idea of disabling guns!

Cafe... Cafe Suzanne

I think they'd be really great for the movie of Anna Chapman's life. I see the actress who plays her wearing something like that ...

MommyCuz MommyCuz

Now that would be interesting trying to get through airport security wearing those. lol

mommy... mommy5110

I love shoes but wearing a shoe that looks like I could shoot my own foot off; I think

Spiri... SpiritedWitch

I don't know ... might go really well with my .45 ... looks kind of uncomfortable though. 


tee hee, i like the play on words that you did!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Not a fan of guns OR heels, so I'll pass.

leandro leandro

not for me,but i can see like angelina jolie rocking these heels lol

frysh... fryshannon34

Wow looks like Lady Gagas style

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