Victoria's Secret Making Halloween Costumes: Lingerie Is Officially Appropriate for Trick-or-Treating

sexy halloween costumeEven though I'm pretty sure girls have been buying their Halloween costumes at Victoria's Secret for years -- basically by just adding ears to a sexy outfit -- the lingerie chain has decided to run an official Halloween costume line. So, you know, we don't have to feel like sluts because it's an actual costume that we're wearing, not a corset. Hello, big difference.


Though I no longer go the sexy nurse, sexy pirate, or sexy hot dog route (okay, maybe I would still do the latter just because it would be funny), I see enough sexy-ified personalities on October 31 to know that Halloween is still an excuse for girls to dress as sluts and get away with it.

The details have not yet been released on the line, but I can only imagine that they will include all of the cliches, which means we should keep our Victoria's Secret catalog hidden from our men -- the nurse and teacher costumes will surely provide them with hours of fantasy "reading" entertainment.

Would you buy your Halloween costume from Victoria's Secret? What types of costumes do you hope they include in the line?


Image via Janz Images/Flickr


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