'Eat Pray Love' Clothing Line: Would You Wear It?

Sue Wong Eat Pray LoveDesigner Sue Wong is hoping you'll like Eat Pray Love so much that you'll go out and buy her clothing line, inspired by the movie.

The exotic fashions on your left will hit upscale department stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus in August. The movie debuts August 13.

This is the latest attempt by fashion designers to capitalize on hot films -- some have been successful, others just plain ridiculous. Want to see what I'm talking about? Read on!



Twilight BeautyTwilight Beauty hopes to capitalize on young women dying (heh) to look like one of the Volturi, ancient European vampires from the Twilight series.This Volturi Giftset (Twilight Beauty, $28) could be a subtle way to tell a friend or coworker that she looks like death warmed over.


MacysDesigners from Stella McCartney to Torrid rushed to capitalize on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Disney Couture also got in on the action with dozens of jewelry pieces inspired by the movie, including this Red Queen necklace (Macys, $1,000). Unfortunately for the fashion world, the film sucked, and the Alice look never really caught on.


Sex and the CityPerhaps the most successful transition from film fashion to real life fashion has been Carrie Bradshaw's fashion-forward styles from the Sex and the City series. I've been catching up on the series on DVD and it's been really interesting to see just how many major trends Sarah Jessica Parker's character has sparked, from oversized flower brooches to the topknot to the straw cowboy hat.

To me, though, it seems that most fashion collections inspired by movies fall flat.

What do you think? Have you bought into a trend after seeing it in a movie? Would you wear Eat Pray Love clothing?


Images (top to bottom): Sue Wong; Twilight Beauty; Macy's; TBS



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nonmember avatar FireMom

As I like lasting fashions, no. On all of them.

nonmember avatar kittenpie

WTH? Uh, no. Don't need to look like a victorian fortune-teller.

LeighR LeighR

If they're all like the ones in the picture . . . no. But speaking of clothing lines based on movies/TV shows, I am SO VERY excited about the line coming out in the fall that's based on Glee!!  If I wear the clothes, does that mean I can break out into song at random times and no one will bat an eye?

Carey... Carey2006

No thank you...I think the only movie thread I did was the flashdance shirt ..LOL The Eat Pray Love clothing just isn't my style.

tazdvl tazdvl

Would not wear anything from Eat Pray Love. Did the flashdance shirt, not sure which other ones.

momof... momof3angela

Would make for some very interesting Halloween outfits though:)

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