Beach (or Pool or Lake) Bound: How to Feel More Svelte in a Swimsuit


A Beach Beauty in 1918!

I'm going to the beach tomorrow and I've spent the last two weeks getting ready.

I wanted to feel good in my bathing suit -- and nothing gives you incentive to eat right like knowing you're going to be all but living in your swimwear for an entire week!

For me, restricting my carb and sugar intake (through Atkins or South Beach Diet meal plans) works wonders. Not only do I lose weight quickly without feeling hungry (generally around eight pounds in two weeks), but my energy level skyrockets and I lose that puffy, bloated feeling.

But there are other things I'm doing to look slimmer, too.

Read on and I'll tell you all my slimming swimwear secrets.







1. Watch what you eat for at least a few days in advance.

A few days without carbs and sugars and I feel (and am) instantly leaner. Even before I notice much weight loss, my clothes get looser. Glamour Magazine has a great online article with more foods to eat and avoid if you want a flat tummy. Asparagus, for example, is a natural diuretic that helps eliminate water weight, while salty foods will increase your water weight and make you look bloated.


Flickr2. Invest in a spray tan.

I got one yesterday. Not only do I want to be the palest person on the beach when I arrive, but everyone knows a tan helps hide cellulite and makes you look thinner. Don't believe me? Try it!


MiracleSuit3. Spend a little extra on a shapewear swimsuit.

Sure they cost more (like this gorgeous Miraclesuit Isabella One-Piece (Eddie Bauer, $131)), but the results are well worth it. I have this one from Lands' End and it absolutely makes me feel better about my body when I'm wearing it. I plan on buying shapewear swimsuits from now on. I need all the help I can get!

Need some shapewear swimsuit ideas? Check out this post I wrote on the topic. 

Flickr4. Consider getting a Brazilian.

I know they're scary, but I got one for the first time last year right before I went to the beach (read the intimate details here if you haven't already) and decided that while it wasn't worth if for me to do every 6-8 weeks, I would definitely go before each beach trip. There's something wonderful about putting on a swimsuit and not having to worry one single bit about how things look DOWN THERE.


Lindsay Ferrier5. Cover-ups are your friend.

Y'all know how I feel about cute cover-ups. I'm more excited about actually getting to wear them over bathing suits while I'm there than just about anything else! Okay, not really, but it's close!

Got any more advice? Leave it in the comments!


Images (top to bottom) mijori/Flickr; Muffet/Flickr; Evil Erin/Flickr; Eddie Bauer; MarkHillary/Flickr; SuburbanTurmoil/Flickr


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