Silly Bandz: The Trend Grows Up

Silly BandzLast December, I wrote a column about my youngest daughter's obsession with Silly Bandz and most of you were all, "I've never heard of those. That would never catch on here."

Who's laughing now, ladies?

I keed, I keed.

Suddenly, Silly Bandz are big news nationwide. But while it's a given that kids will want to wear them, who would have thought they'd become a hot trend with adults?

Yes, folks. Sarah Jessica Parker and Mary-Kate Olsen both have been spotted in Silly Bandz.

And when I saw the bartender at Nashville hot spot Mambu wearing one (check it out in the picture to the left), I knew the look had gone viral.

Wanna know what she said when I called her out on her Silly Bandz? Read on!


"Oh yeah, I have lots more at home!" she told me.

I asked her which Silly Band she was wearing and she took it off and showed it to me. It was a cute little dress and everyone at the bar looked at it with interest. Most of them had never heard of Silly Bandz before!

All of a sudden, I can totally see Silly Bandz taking off among adults. I could even see Silly Bandz making an adult line, so that we can wear Silly Bandz that fit our personalities. There could be golf Silly Bandz, cooking Silly Bandz, martini Silly Bandz ... the possibilities are endless!

I'm even picturing Silly Bandz speed dating, where participants wear Silly Bandz that say something about them, and show them to each other at each stop on the dating circuit.

Okay, my Silly Bandz fantasy may be going a little far ...

But I would like to know what you think of Silly Bandz on adults. Is it cool? Or is it just plain Silly?

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