Inspired by Anna Chapman: What to Wear if You're a Sexy Russian Spy

CatsuitSexy Russian spy Anna Chapman must have a lot on her mind right now as she tries to adjust to her new home in Russia.

The girl clearly had some fashion sense, and because I know you all can't get enough of her, I thought I'd help you out with a few Anna Chapman-inspired looks -- besides if you're looking to become an international spy like Anna, you need to have the proper wardrobe for the job.

First up, this black vinyl catsuit (Amazon, $150), perfect for those of you who want to seduce a top official and then steal away into the night with his secrets.

And there's more!



Endless.comThis Android Spy Dual Time Zone Watch (Endless, $69.50) will help you keep track of time both in your mother country and the one you've infiltrated!


Spy TrenchDiane Von Furstenberg knew what she was doing when she designed this Spy Trench (Barneys, $279). You have to wonder if Ms. Chapman bought one for herself.


Spy SunglassesThese cool Deluxe Spy Sunglasses (Brick House Security, $29.95) allow you to look straight ahead and see what's going on behind you. Maybe if Anna had been wearing these, she wouldn't have been caught ...


black fedoraOf course, you'll need a stylish hat if you want to remain incognita. Might I suggest this satin trimmed fedora (Bebe, $29)?


Camera PenThey'll never know they're being caught on tape if you use this Wired Pen Camera (Brick House Security, $349.95).


Stunning RingYou'll always be able to get yourself out of a tight spot with this stunning ring (Self Defense Products, $27.95), which emits a spray that should cause your attacker "to lose control of his faculties immediately." Just don't forget to steal his files before you run away.

And now you're set! Good luck, budding Bond girls!

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Lokis... LokisMama

I love that stunning ring, that's awesome. :D 

nonmember avatar Nomaen Koeing

Ah yes from Boris and Natasha to Anna Chapman Russian Spies always had great fashion sense.

They never told us what secrets Anna was sending in those pictures of houses to her male partner in the van near the Wifi coffee shop. Since she was in real estate and had one real estate company in Russia and one in the USA and was sending JPGs of houses and other real estate stuff, there was hidden data in those pictures. They couldn't prove it in court as nobody knew how to decrypt the encryption. But some FBI agent pretended to be her boss and give her a mission to deliver a fake passport to another woman. If Anna was a Russian spy she would call her 'Fearless Leader" via phone to verify this man was her boss but clearly she did not do such a thing. Instead of giving the woman the fake passport she turned it into the Police and told them who gave it to her and that she did not want to break any laws. But she must be a Russian spy even if they could not get enough evidence to convict her and she looks like a super model James Bond girlfriend.

I want Hollywood to shoot the next James Bond film in Russia and use Anna Chapman as a Russian Spy in that movie because everyone already thinks she is a spy from Russia anyway.

frysh... fryshannon34

Oh yes I have one of the black cat suits but I only wear it to Walmart!!!lol just kidding

Carey... Carey2006 thanks....maybe the ring but that's about it.

tazdvl tazdvl

LOL @ fryshannon

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