I Love Endless.com

Ralph Lauren SandalThis is a story of a girl who found the most perfect pair of sandals. They were so pretty and so deliciously comfortable that she totally splurged on them and then went home and wrote an ode to them on her fashion blog.

And she didn't stop there.

She stalked these shoes in other colors online and even set up a sale alert on her ShopStyle account (hint, hint, smart shoppers) so that she would get an email if the shoes went on sale.

She waited anxiously for a few weeks -- and then it happened.



The shoes went on sale at Endless.com!

Endless.comShe went to her closet and made very sure that she really needed a comfortable and yet dressy-ish pair of black wedges. She thought of her upcoming trip to BlogHer in New York and how much walking she'd be doing while she was there. That settled it.

She placed her order, and as she did, she was pleased and surprised to find that Endless is an Amazon retailer, which meant that she was able to use a $20 gift code she'd had sitting in her Amazon account for months! Awesome, right?

She also noticed that Endless.com claimed to offer FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING. She didn't really believe it, but sure enough, the very next day, her shoes arrived on her doorstep!

She noted on the order form that Endless.com also offers free returns!

And she recalled reading recently that the site actually hired a team of specialists to wear each style of shoes that it sells and make recommendations about the fit, recommendations that in the case of this particular sandal were ENTIRELY accurate.

So this fashion blogger is giving her highest recommendation to Endless.com. What a lovely feeling it was to order these shoes and wear them the very next day!

The End


Images via Endless.com

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