Nicole Richie Wears Same Outfit Three Times? Gasp!

Nicole RichieOh my god, Nicole Richie wore the same outfit three times. To the same place. What was she thinking?

I'm just thinking she's a little nuts for wearing a jacket and scarf in July. As far as the "fashion faux pas" of wearing the same outfit ... pfft.


Nicole attended traffic school for the third time in the same outfit -- pretty floral skirt, denim jacket, scarf (makes me hot just looking at it), tights, and a Balenciaga handbag -- and fashion bloggers are slamming her for it.

I'm just really glad that I'm not a famous celebrity, because the paparazzi would no doubt have a heyday with me.

She wore the same outfit on numerous occasions within four months ... big deal. I've worn the same outfit twice within a week. Does that make me sloppy? No, it makes me either really cute or really comfortable twice in one week, because those are the reasons I'd double up on the outfit. Granted, my closet is definitely not as filled as hers undoubtedly is, but the girl's going to traffic school, not some awards event (ahem, Aretha Franklin).

Do you ever wear the same outfit more than once within a short amount of time?


Image via Splash News

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