Jada Pinkett Smith Forgets Her Pants

Jada Pinkett SmithOh, Jada.

I think you're one of the most rockingest celebrity moms on the planet.

You've got a hunky husband, adorable and talented kids, and you always seem so happy and put together.

You've also got a kickin' body. I totally admire the way you've stayed in tiptop shape, even after having two children.

But Jada, come on. Even beautiful, happy, successful, sexy moms need to wear pants to red carpet events.

In other words?

Just because you can pull this look off doesn't mean you should.


The fact is, you are so classy 99.9 percent of the time that I was honestly shocked to witness this egregious fashion faux pas.

Come on, Jada -- leave a little bit to the imagination, will ya?

I mean, seriously, you took "showing a little thigh" to a whole new level!

Fortunately, I believe that we learn from our mistakes. Let's hope you get the message and never forget your pants again.


Lindsay Ferrier
President, Save the Pants Society


Image via Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

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