My Fantasy Blumarine Beach Wardrobe

I'm at the beach right now, and my fashion consists mainly of swimsuits and inexpensive cover-ups, most of which you've already seen.

Today, though, I'm going to show you my fantasy beach wardrobe, courtesy of my current unaffordable obsession, Blumarine.

Take a look at what I'd be wearing at the beach right now if I were a billionaire with a perfect body.

Why? Because these clothes are so pretty, I can't resist showing them to you!

For example, while I'm not a fan of boyshorts, at the beach this look to the left would be totally appropriate -- modest, even. I picture myself wearing this ensemble as I browse the seaside shops in a quaint and overpriced beach village (i.e., Seaside).

Want to see more?

Say yes!

Say yes!




BlumarineI could just slip this gorgeous pink top on over my swimsuit for lunch with the fam. I think I'd have the crab and avocado salad.


BlumarineWhen the clouds roll in and we head to the local aquarium for an afternoon of ocean creature viewing, I'd wear this beautiful maxi shirtdress.


BlumarineBack on the beach the next day, this top would keep me from getting too much sun!



This dress would be perfect for a date night out -- of course we would have brought along a nanny just for the occasion.



And this is what I'd wear when Hubs won the surfing world championship. Hey, it's a fantasy, remember?


Blumarine Then there would be a celebration dinner afterward -- I'd have to look good for the paparazzi!



And finally, the trip back home. A comfortable look for the private jet.

So, which look in my fantasy beach wardrobe is your favorite?


Images via Blumarine

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