Too Short Skirt Solution! The One Item That Saved My Wardrobe

ruffle slipI went on a shopping spree with my mother yesterday. She is dangerous to shop with and I always get myself in trouble when I shop with her. We become like rabid animals, not satisfied until we spend way too much money. And we went into one of my favorite stores -- Free People.

What I bought might be the best $58 I ever spent. And $58 is A LOT of money for me to drop on one item since I usually shop online vintage, Old Navy, and Forever 21, and anything over $40 is too much in my book. But this one item will allow me to wear all those too short skirts and dresses I have in my closet. Stuff that I was going to try to sell to the second-hand store or give away -- reluctantly. Items I knew I wasn't going to wear since, well, I felt like too much was hanging out for the world to see.

And besides making me feel more covered up, the layering look adds a whole other element of pretty to my outfits.


It's the Ruffled Layers Skirt and it comes in charcoal, ivory, black, and a wild pink color they call "shrimp."

layering skirtruffle skirtfree people

The models at Free People are wearing it high (or maybe they are just insanely leggy, which is probably true), but mine extends to my knee and I'm 5'7". You can also wear it with a very long top and have the layering slip be the skirt.

My mom bought the ivory one and she even noted that you could wear it as a tube top. It's better than a regular slip because I don't mind if it's showing at the bottom -- a lot of times a straight slip peeking out from below the hemline looks like a mistake. And you know what else is great about it? When it's windy and your flowy skirt flies up, this layering skirt won't so it will keep you covered. (This happens a lot to me, especially when the subway arrives or I'm walking up or down the transit stairs.)

Are you as sold on the idea as I am?

PS: I'm wearing mine today and it's peeking out under a dress!


Images via Free People

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