Ami Clubwear: Affordable Fashion for Moms, Celebs, and Pornstars!

Ami ClubwearI'll be honest -- the ads for Ami Clubwear scare me.

The website scares me even more.

Although it bills itself as "the positive place for girls," the models for the site all appear to be pornstars moonlighting as fashion models for a few extra bucks.

However, I continue to see clothing and accessories from Ami Clubwear in fashion magazine editorials and on celebrities. Could there be more to this website than meets the eye? I was determined to find out.



Ami ClubwearExpect to weed through a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of this to find what you're looking for ... the clothing section of this site is pretty much a wash, unless your name is Wendy Whoppers. The jewelry's not so hot, either.

However, the handbags and shoes are another story.


Ami ClubwearThese Suede Platform Heels (Ami Clubwear, $18.99), for example, are uber-fashionable and uber-inexpensive.


Ami ClubwearThis Gold Petal Rhinestone Clutch (Ami Clubwear, $28.99) is cute and I love the detail. It comes in a few different colors and would look great with a little black dress.


AmiI love these Turquoise Canvas Bow Espadrilles (Ami Clubwear, $12.99), which come in several different colors and are totally cute.


Ami ClubwearThis Fuchsia Faux Leather Quilted Handbag (Ami Clubwear, $28.99) is such a hot look right now, and such a great price.

AmiAnd I love the simplicity of these Silver Thong Gladiator Sandals (Ami Clubwear, $9.99).

So now I put the question to you: Would you shop a slutty website for great deals on shoes and handbags?

Do I even need to ask?

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