YouTube's Haul Videos: Would You Watch Them?

Haul VideoHave you ever heard of a haul video?

Marie Claire had a blurb about them in its July issue. Shopping divas post them online after they've been on a spree, showing the world all they've bought. And plenty of viewers are tuning in -- Blair Fowler, the 16-year-old pictured here, has a YouTube "haul" channel that's been viewed more than 55 million times!

My one question about this phenomenon ...



Haul VideoI mean I understand why girls are making them, particularly young girls like the ones pictured here. Teenagers today are living in an age of oversharing -- it's nothing for them to post every detail of their lives on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

But why are people watching them? I clicked on a few and couldn't get through any of them -- they're incredibly boring, and I just don't see the appeal of watching 10 minutes of video detailing what a complete stranger bought at Sephora.

According to Marie Claire, successful haul vloggers now are getting sent products and clothing from brands in hopes that they'll talk about them online. They're also getting a share of ad revenue from the ads that are shown on their videos. In the wake of the Marie Claire attention, Blaire Fowler talks in her latest video about just returning from jaunts to New York and LA, and she definitely looks more polished than she did in some of her earlier videos.

Clearly, her haul videos are paying off!

Have you ever watched a haul video? Would you make one?


Images (top to bottom): JuicyStar07/YouTube; TheCurrentCustom/YouTube

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