Lady Gaga Circle Lenses: Where Are Girls Buying Them? AND WHY?!!

Lady Gaga Circle LensesI was fascinated by Sheri Reed's post about the circle contact lens trend, sparked by Lady Gaga's bizarre look in her "Bad Romance" video. But what I really wanted to know was:

Where are girls finding these big-irised lenses? And how much do they cost? And, and ...


Maybe it's because I don't do a whole lot of trend hunting on YouTube. That's where I found dozens of videos by young women who were reviewing circle lenses and giving tutorials on how to wear them, including one from Michelle Phan (pictured here), who gave Lady Gaga her signature look, and whose own tutorial video has more than nine million views so far.

What makes them hard to find is that it's illegal to sell contact lenses in the US without a prescription. But with very little digging, it was easy to figure out how these girls are scoring the look.



Circle Lenses Toronto-based Lens Circle sells all kinds of circle lenses for around $30 per pair -- and ships internationally.


Pinky ParadisePinky Paradise, out of Korea, is a very popular option with American girls if YouTube is any indication. The site promises that circle lenses like the ones above "will make your eyes look watery and sparkling!"

The American Academy of Ophthalmology released a statement yesterday warning of the dangers of circle lenses, saying, "Inflammation and pain can occur from improperly fitted, over-the-counter lenses and lead to more serious problems including corneal abrasions and blinding infections."

But obviously, plenty of young women will go to just about any length to feel beautiful -- even if their efforts eventually result in blindness.

So what do you think of circle lenses, ladies?


Images (top to bottom): MichellePhan/YouTube; Lens Circle; Pinky Paradise

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