A Hideous New Hat Trend

John GallianoAs John Galliano strutted down the runway at the end of his Dior haute fashion show this week, all of Paris was asking one question:

What eez zat zing on ees head??!!

Galliano is known for wearing outrageous costumes, but ladies, I've gotta tell you, he's hardly alone in this particular look.

It's popping up everywhere, including on Blake Lively at that very same show!

And compared to what I'm starting to see online, Galliano's and Lively's versions were quite tame.

Care to see what I'm talking about?

Do you dare?

Keep reading for one of the strangest new trends I've seen yet -- and that's saying somezing!



Fascinator                                Online, it's easy to find this Nicole Fascinator (ModCloth, $39.99) ...


ASOS                                 ... or this Mini Top Hat Fascinator (ASOS, $33.82) ...


ModCloth                            ... or this Kentucky Dainty Hair Clip (ModCloth, $15.99).


ASOS                        And I can't leave out this Bunny Ears Fascinator (ASOS, $33.82).

I can hear some of you saying right now with great skepticism, "Lindsay, there's no way someone like me could pull off one of those doll-sized toppers! Why, I have pink and blue hair and a dozen facial piercings!"


Attitude Clothing                         Oh ye of little faith (and no Mini Top Hat [Attitude Clothing, $33]) ...

As you can see, I am fascinated (and simultaneously repulsed) by these little things called "fascinators." And yet I'm seeing them more and more on shopping sites.

So I'll put it to you, Stir readers ...

Would you ever, ever in your wildest dreams wear one of these things?


Images (top to bottom): Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images; ModCloth; ASOS; Attitude Clothing

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