The World's Ugliest Fashions


I know you think I have the easiest job in the world, searching our favorite retail sites for wearable fashion.

But you have no idea of the misery I have to endure as I sift through thousands of atrocious articles of clothing and accessories in order to find a gem or two you'd actually buy.

Don't believe me? Take a look at some of the, erm, more interesting pieces I've come across lately ...

... like these $576.90 Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.

Oh. My. Goodness.

But there's more. THERE'S SO MUCH MORE ...


KohlsI'm not really sure what's going on with this pin-striped fedora hat (Kohls, $23.99). Is this fedora really, really big or is this model's head really, really small? Regardless, if this photo sells even one hat, I'd be SHOCKED.


ShopbopWell if it isn't another monstrosity from our friend, Giuseppe Zanotti, the patron saint of ugly shoes! These horrific red booties (Shopbop, $995) take "ugly" to a whole new level ...



Sassy NecklaceHey, you're sassy. We get it. You're SASSY. Seriously, if there was ever a doubt, trust me, YOU'VE ELIMINATED IT. Sassy Rhinestone Choker, (SassyAssyJeans, $19.99).


Ugly Boots

The aptly named Demonia boot (Endless, $91.95) is sort of like the Chinese Crested Dog of the shoe world ...


Bergdorf GoodmanAnd finally, if this Gaultier Mongolian fur vest (Bergdorf Goodman, $1,295) and these Gaultier Stretch Sailor Jogging Pants (Bergdorf Goodman, $1,095) are what it takes to be fashionable, COLOR ME FRUMPY.

Have YOU seen any ugly fashion lately? Show us!


Images (top to bottom): Zappos; Kohls; Sassy Assy Jeans, Endless, Bergdorf Goodman

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