Giant Lady Gaga Doll Eyes and Circle Contacts: Are They Safe?

Lady Gaga circle contacts doll eyes

Of all the oddball beauty fads that Lady Gaga could inspire, the gigantic eyes in her Bad Romance video is one of the fads that's catching on. Eek. So creepy.

And the Circle Contacts teen girls and young women are wearing to get this look might not be safe either.


So Gaga devotees and women who want to look like the doll-eyed Asian anime characters are wearing these special-colored Circle Contacts imported from Asia. The contacts make the iris of your eye appear larger because the colored area of the contact is bigger than the typical iris, so they actually cover part of the whites of your eyes.

This "deer in the headlights" look is popping up on girls and women around the nation despite the fact that it's illegal to sell any contact lenses without a prescription in the United States. Along with crazy plastic surgeries to hair extensions, these lenses are just one more bodily alteration women can use to try to look like weird dolls. Why? Why do we want to look like weird dolls? And at what risk?

In the NYT article "What Big Eyes You Have, Dear, but Are Those Contacts Risky?" Dr. S. Barry Eiden, an optometrist in Deerfield, Illinois, and chairman of the contact lens and cornea section of the American Optometric Association, said that companies or individuals selling Circle Lenses online “are encouraging the avoidance of professional care.” He also warned users that ill-fitting contact lenses could lead to oxygen deprivation to the eye and turn into serious vision problems.

Take heed, big-eye-seeking women, as I personally know someone who lost her eyesight in one eye from improper contact lens use. I know I rather like my eyes, small and all.

Have you heard of this big eyes via Circle Contacts beauty fad?


Image clip from Bad Romance video

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