'True Beauty' Recap -- Would You Comfort a Sad Person?

Every Tuesday I'll blog about last night's True Beauty episode. Ten contestants think they are competing in a beauty contest to be the "Face of Vegas," but they're secretly being judged on their inner beauty.

Last week, the beauties were tested on how they acted when no one was watching. They were tour guides on a double-decker bus and the tourists graded their knowledge of the city, look, and enthusiasm. There was one ringer tourist who gave a bad review to each beauty. The bus driver opted to change the score to a good review. Liz was the only one who took the bait, failed, and finally got sent home. Yah!

This week, the beauties are being judged on their ability to comfort a sad person.

See who was compassionate and who only cared about themselves.

*Spoiler Alert*


Since they are in Vegas, the beauties had the opportunity to stand at the altar with a couple getting married. They gave a mini speech and the wedding couple picked based on likability and look.

Taylor and Erika won the challenge but the real test was at the bridal shop. While trying on dresses and tuxedos, the beauties heard a momzilla berating her overweight daughter.

Would they step up to comfort her? Erika did (I think she is my fave) and surprisingly Craig did, too.

The final panel came down to friends Michelle and Amy. It's totally up in the air. Okay, Michelle is going home. She took a bribe from the bridal shop owner to tell her friend who was getting married to pick Michelle. Amy refused the offer but Michelle accepted.

So would you comfort someone who was sad? The answer is: Hell, yes!

Growing up, my mom was always giving me compliments, which A. helped my self esteem and B. makes me sensitive to making others feel good.

So it makes me feel good and the other person, too -- win-win!

What would you have done if you were in Michelle and Amy's situation?

Images (top to bottom): ABC.com; ABC.com

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