Expensive Face Creams: Worth the Cash?

La Mer
Would you pay $1,390 for this?
I have never really gotten the legions of women who are devoted to certain extremely pricey face creams.

La Mer Creme de la Mer, for example, sells for a whopping $1,390 per container!

And while most of us aren't exactly delving into our life savings for face cream, I know plenty of women with relatively modest means who spend hundreds of dollars on Arbonne or Estee Lauder or Shiseido or Lancome face products.

The question I have for you --

Are expensive face creams and serums really worth the money?

I've tried a bunch of them and here's what I think ...






Thanks to my mom, for whom shopping at expensive department stores is a vocation, I have an enormous bag full of samples of pretty much every face cream and serum known to man. I have used all of them at one time or another. And I can't really say I've seen any difference between them and the drugstore brands whatsoever. I've wanted to. But I didn't.

In addition, as a blogger, I've been sent countless face creams and lotions and masques to review, most of them well beyond my normal budget. I've used them until they were gone -- I'm frugal that way. And still? Nothing.


ArbonneThe only time I've personally noticed a difference was when a friend who also happened to be an Arbonne consultant conned, I mean, talked me into trying the Arbonne face regimen for a weekend. After only a day or two, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. It felt great!

The trouble was that the entire line of products I needed to buy in order to get that feeling added up to more than $300. The other problem was that the regimen involved five or six different products at morning and at night. And what mother has time for that?!

So for me, it has been (drumroll please) ...

NeutrogenaNeutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser (Drugstore.com, $6.59). Seriously. I love this stuff. It cleans my face and removes makeup without making my skin feel tight afterward.


NeutrogenaI follow it up with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion with SPF 15 and Alpha Hydroxy (Drugstore.com, $11.99).

And lately, I've been using eye cream, too, as a preventative measure, although I'm not seeing any major results.

What about you? What's your morning/evening skincare routine? Are you happy with the products you're using? And do you think expensive face creams and lotions are worth the big bucks?

Images (top to bottom): Bloomingdales; Arbonne; Drugstore.com; Drugstore.com

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