Vintage Jewelry

Morning Glory JewelryOne of my favorite things to do when I have a spare moment (which is, um, never) is look at vintage jewelry at local antique malls.

Every piece has a story to tell, and occasionally, I'll stumble across a major find.

Even if you don't live near a great antique mall, you can have a fabulous vintage shopping experience online -- particularly if you know where to go for the best quality pieces.

One highly recommended site is Morning Glory Jewelry, which carries all kinds of pieces, from the affordable to the extravagant.

I particularly like this HAR brooch with aqua and red rhinestones (Morning Glory Jewelry, $38). Want to see more great vintage jewelry sites? Keep reading!



EtsyDid you know that Etsy now has an entire section of its site devoted purely to vintage pieces? Just be sure to click on Vintage when you search for something on Etsy and you'll turn up all sorts of great pieces, like this hand-painted daisies pendant (Etsy, $11).


Etsy                       I'm also loving this 1920s-era glass bead necklace (Etsy, $40).


Plaid Pony VintageThe Stir's Michele Zipp turned me on to Plaid Pony Vintage, which features all kinds of hip vintage gear including some very funky and affordable jewelry. This aqua and lime vintage enamel pin (Plaid Pony Vintage, $14) is just one awesome example.


V VintageV Vintage is one of Alpha Mom Isabel Kallman's favorite sites. It's out of Beverly Hills and features all kinds of sophisticated vintage jewelry, some from the collections of celebrities. V Vintage is pricier, but still totally within the saving-for-a-special-occasion-splurge range. I'm personally taken by this 1915 Rhodium Plated Bangle (V Vintage, $375).


Metropolitan MuseumLove the look but not the price tag? Check out museum shopping sites like the one at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many of them make fantastic reproduction jewelry from all different eras of history -- like this Egyptian Snake Bracelet (The Met Store, $150) for example. So chic!

Do you shop for vintage jewelry online? Got a favorite site? Tell us about it in the comments!

Images (top to bottom): Morning Glory Jewelry; Etsy; Etsy; Plaid Pony Vintage; V Vintage; The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store

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